HAP was started on Dec 1, 1993 as a place for young scientists and researchers to sit and discuss the scope of research in public health field under the great inspirational leader, Dr.C.R Soman .

  • Problem Solving for Better Health (PSBH)-This program was started as early as in 1993, with the financial support from Dreyfus Health Foundation (DHF), New York.  For pursuing this program, HAP was associating itself with 71 medical colleges in India on the exciting health problem solving experiments for this purpose, PSBH Workshops were being organized, with selected  undergraduate medical students from medical colleges all over India.
  • Population Registry of Life Style Diseases (PROLIFE)-This study was an elaborate study undertaken by HAP andit was sponsored by the Kerala Research Programme on Local Level Development (KRPLLD) of the Centre for Develoment Studies, Trivandrum in 2001.  
  • Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) - This is a study being undertaken by HAP on a continuing basis, In India there are 3 collaorators namely, St. John's Medical College and Research Institute, Bangalore, Dr. Mohan's Research Institute, Chennai and HAP Trivandrum with International Health Research Institute, McMaster University, Toronto, Canada.  
  • At present PURE MIND is a substudy
  • This is ongoing project.
  • Pro-Health Comprehensive Diabetes Clinic and Clinical Diagnostics was launched on 27 Nov 2004. It is set up to provide scientific management to subjects with Diabetes.
  • ProHealth initiated its new programme ProHealth HELP. The main objective of the programme is the detection diabetes and hypertension at early stage. First programme was done at TPJ Nagar, Pattom. After this we had done more than 42 camps under this programme till March 2007. We have screened about 2000 people during these camps.
  • ProHealth opened its branch at Medical College Junction,Trivandrum
  • ProHealth started its laboratory branch at Prolife office at Narikkalmukku, 
  • ProHealth started functioning at Neyyattinkara(Diabetes Clinic & Laboratory)
  • Evolution of SAANTHWANAM, which is brain child of HAP.This is an ongoing programme of HAP

  • Started complete comprehensive Diabetes Care Centre at Kochulloor,Trivandrum 

  • Health screening for about 2500 teenage girls in Varkala & Chiranyinkeezh.
  • Indo-Danish Collaboration on Diabetes Epidemiology (INDADE)- The study was initiated in April 2007.This collaborative study is part of an effort for establishing a scientific cooperation between partners in India and Denmark. The background for this is the concern of the enormous increase in diabetes worldwide, in particular, in the third world.  This project builds on an existing programme, PROLIFE, initiated earlier by HAP.
2010-Initiated 1st round of follow-up of PURE Study.

2012-Completed  the 1st round of follow-up of PURE Study.
           Initiated 2nd round of follow-up of PURE Study.

  • Started DePEC Project in collaboration with New Castle university,UK.The project aimed to early detection of  dementia using simple tools.The objectives for the NIHR DePEC study are: 
  • To reduce the personal and social burden of dementia by developing:
  • 1. Approaches to reduce future numbers getting dementia  and 
  • 2. More efficient post-diagnostic care.
  • The objectives for the Indian collaboration are
  • To do a systematic review for prevalence of dementia in India
  •  To develop and validate a mobile app based tool in Malayalam for early identification of persons with dementia
  • Determine patient, provider, care giver and system perspectives on dementia care in Kerala (a qualitative study)
  • Facilitate development of a community based non-pharmacologic intervention for person with dementia.
  • Completed 2nd round of follow-up of PURE Study.
2017-Initiated 3rd round follow up of PURE Study.

  • SWAAS Project-A project in collaboration with SCTIMST , Trivandrum to evaluate the guideline based management, implementation status and challenges in the implementation of SWAAS(Step wise approach to airway syndromes programme in Family Health centre. The project was a comparison with the existing care for COPD and Asthma in primary Health Centres.
2019-Completed the 3rd round follow up of PURE study
        Initiated the validation study of IDEA App in hospital setting
2021-Decentralisation study