HAP School of Health Research (HSHR)

HAP School of Health Research (HSHR)
HAP School of Health Research (HSHR) is a HAP initiative started in honour of its founder-chairman, Professor C R Soman. Prof. Soman had a passion for both teaching and research. A series of  workshops on research methodology were conducted under his leadership in many health institutions in India. HSHR continues this tradition. Our goal is to train the younger generation of teachers and researchers in health, including doctors, nurses and other health workers, so that they are capable of undertaking independent research on the problems facing the state. 

HSHR conducts research workshops both at its headquarters in Trivandrum, as well as in collaboration with other institutions.

Major themes of recent workshops have been: 

Research Methodology, Occurrence Measures in Epidemiology, Measurement in Health Research, Descriptive Statistics using R and others. Workshops and seminars will be announced in the HAP website at regular intervals. Those interested are requested to keep track of these events. 

Manuscript writing workshop  has been regularly conducted in HAP Premises  . Several papers will be  developed during the workshop with efforts from  experts in the field. Some of the recent papers developed include:-
  • Prevalence and pattern of use of tobacco
  • Sales and purchase pattern of cigarette and other tobacco products
  • Exploring the perception of consultants in the implementation of guidelines for dementia care: Qualitative study among neurologist 

2.Workshop on  Statistics with R
HAP School of Health Research a HAP initiative organizes  workshop on  Statistics with R every year  in the office of HAP. Fifteen  to twenty participants will attend the workshop. The registration will be based on first in first come.