Trustees and Governing body.

General body Members-25

The General Body, consisting of 25 members, has its annual meetings in May every year.  As per the provisions of the Memorandum of Association and the Rules and Regulations, the GB is expected to review the activities of HAP and make suggestions for the proper conduct of the administration of HAP

List of Members of the General Body HAP 

  1. Dr.V.Raman Kutty, (Chairman) Professor, Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science, Medical College Campus, Trivandrum.
  2. Dr.K.R.Leela Itty Amma, (Vice chairperson) Professor & HoD, Community Medicine Department,SUT Medical College,Vattappara, Trivandrum
  3. Dr.K.Vijayakumar, (Secretary) Professor of Community Medicine, Medical College, Trivandrum.
  4. Dr.Sanjeev Nair,  Associate of Pulmonary College, Trivandrum.
  5. Dr.Biju Soman, Addl Professor, Achtha Menon Centre for Health Sciences, Medical College Campus, Trivandrum.
  6. Dr.K.Rajamohanan, Rtd.Professor of Paediatrics,Medical College, Trivandrum.
  7. Dr.Thomas Iype,  Prof&HOD, Neurology, Government Medical College, Trivandrum.
  8. Dr.K.P.Aravindan, Professor of Pathology, College, Alappuzha.
  9. Dr.Krishna Kumar B, Associate Professor in Cardiology, Trivandrum.
  10. Dr.P.Vivek, Senior Consultant&PRS Hospital, Trivandrum
  11. Dr.Sreelal TP, Community Medicine
  12. Dr.K Vidhu Kumar, Additional Professor, Dept of Psychiatry, Medical College, Trivandrum.
  13. Dr.Hisham Moosan, Community Medicine, Asst Prof- cum Epidemiologist, Govt Medical College, Palakkad.
  14. Dr.Sreelakshmi P R, Community Medicine, SUT AMS Vattappara, Trivandrum.
  15. Dr.Manu MS, Junior Consultant, Respiratory Medicine,State TB training and demonstration Centre, Trivandrum.
  16. Dr.Kamala R, AsstProfessor, Dept of Pulmonary Medicine, Medical College, Trivandrum
  17. Dr.Srilatha S, Addle Director of Kerala Health Services(Rtd),Trivandrum.
  18. Dr.Rekha M Ravindran, Senior Research officer, SHSRC, Trivandrum
  19. Dr.Antoney Stanley, Community Medicine,Government Medical College Trivandrum.
  20. Dr.Arjun P, Pulmonologist, SP Fort Hospital Fort,Trivandrum
  21. Dr.Meenu M Suresh, Jr.Resident Department of Community Medicine Government Medical College Trivandrum.
  22. Prajitha K C, Jr.Resident Department of Community Medicine Government Medical College Trivandrum
  23. Dr.Mathew J Valamparampil, Asst.Programme officer State TB Cell, Trivandrum
  24. Dr.Suresh Kumar V K, Intensivist, Critical care medicine KIMS, Trivandrum
  25. Dr.Sairu Philip , Professor & Head, Community Medicine,Government TD Medical College, Alappuzha

Ethics Committee Members

HAP had constituted an Ethics Committee to scrutinize project proposals (especially the projects funded by foreign agencies) and to ensure ethical safeguards. 
  1. Sri B.V.Unnithan(Chairman), Director (Retired), Doordashan Kendra, Trivandrum
  2. Dr.Thomas Iype, (Member Secretary), Executive Member, Health Action by People, Trivandrum & Prof.&HOD Nerology Dept. Govt Medical college , Thiruvananhapuram.
  3. Dr.Rema Devi, Programme Consultant, INCLEN, Hon Faculty of Clinical Epidemiology Resource and Training Centre, Medical College, Trivandrum.
  4. Dr.Arjun P,Chief physician,Dept of respiratory and chest medicine,KIMS,Trivandrum.
  5. Dr.Kamala Rammohan, Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Medical College, Trivandrum.
  6. Dr.Mala Ramanathan, Additional Professor, AMCHSS, SCTIMST, Medical College,Trivandrum.
  7. Dr.Bismi Gopalakrishnan, Dean, Faculty of law , MG University.Prof&Head scholl of Indian Legal thought Kottayam.
  8. Dr.Usha Kandaswamy, Scientific Officer, Department of Transfusion Medicine, SCTIMST, Trivandrum.
  9. Dr.Reneega Gangadhar , Dr. Somervell Memorial CSI Medical College, Karakonam.
  10. Sri Jagajeevan, Haritha mission, Thiruvananthapuram.
  11. Dr.Balraman Shankaran,CEO,SCTIMST-TIMED,Poojappura,Trivandrum.
  12. Shri.Janardhanan Nair,General Manager, Mind Care Solutions Research Centre.