Problem Solving for Better Health ( PSBH)
Since 1993, Health Action by People has been associating itself with 71 medical colleges in India on an exciting health problem solving experiment with undergraduate medical students. The project titled Problem Solving for Better Health is international in character and exists in 30 countries. The Indian Programme is unique in focusing attention on medical students generally under the leadership of the Department of Community Medicine. The programme imparts problem solving skills in community health to undergraduate medical students through an intensely participatory workshop, lasting 3-4 days. The feedback from the faculty and students is quite positive. The programme fulfils the objectives laid down by Indian Medical Council , on learning public health and community Medicine.

Health Action by People is the prime mover of this project in India. It is a group of competent public health professionals with a wide range of teaching and research experience. The success of the programme depends on the leadership provided by the host faculty in each college.

During the workshop, the students identify ‘problems’ which are then developed into research protocols under the guidance of facilitators. After the workshop, the faculty selects a few protocols for implementation. The projects so selected are assigned to a group of 3-4 students.After completing the study the students have to present their work in a reunion workshop. The participating colleges were provided with some financial support from HAP for conducting workshops. The PSBH project was supported by Dreyfus Health Foundation (DHF), New York till October 2006. Presently the support given by HAP for the PSBH project and Research Methodology workshops as limited to providing certificates and badges to the participants and faculty.