The project titled NIHR Global health group on Dementia prevention and enhanced care(DePEC), Newcastle University was undertaken by HAP.The study aimed to reduce the personal and social burden of dementia by developing:
  1. Approaches to reduce future numbers getting dementia  and 
  2. More efficient post-diagnostic care.
By 2030,there will be ~75 million people with dementia. In the absence of a cure, global policy is increasingly aimed  at :
  • Public health approaches to reduce the future numbers developing dementia and 
  • Improving post-diagnostic care.
The majority (63%) of people with dementia line in the worlds poorest countries , defined as low and middle income(LMICs); such countries have the least capacity to cope with the rising demand.
The 2016 World Alzheimer report found the current specialist-led model of dementia care unaffordable and unsustainable, especially for LMICs. It urged more efficient task-shifted/task shared dementia care ie. increased and more appropriate use, of GP and community services as in other chronic illness care.
The study aimed to  have several substudies which are under process.Here are few studies planned.

Research plan of IDEA study

Phase 1 will be a validation of the diagnostic tool(mobile based)  incorporating the  Consenting outpatients aged 65 years and above with dementia based on CDR(Clinical dementia rating scale)and age, gender and education  matched controls without dementia or mild cognitive impairment  and patients with moderate to severe depression attending the outpatient department of Neurology in Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram. Phase 2 will be a cross sectional study Consenting consecutive outpatients aged 65 years and above attending the outpatient department of Neurology in Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram.
The piloting has been successfully completed.

Research plan of Systematic review

We will search the following electronic databases for potentially relevant studies from January 1990 December 2018:- MEDLINE (via PubMed),EMBASE, Cochrane, Cumulative index to Nursing and Allied health literature (CINAHL),Psychinfo,Campbell Collaboration, Scopus for Dementia or cognitive impairment with a clear diagnosis according to a gold standard criteria among People 65 years and above of all genders in India. The first round of reviews are completed.