Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE)
This is a study being undertaken by HAP on a continuing basis. In India there are 5 collaborators namely, St. John’s Medical College and Research Institute, Bangalore, Post Graduate Institute, Chandigarh, Medical College, Jaipur, Dr. Mohan’s Research Institute, Chennai and HAP with International Health Research Institute, McMaster University, Toronto, Canada.   A total of 18 countries around the globe are involved in this study.  The countries involved are,  Bangladesh, India, China, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Chile, Canada, United Arab Emirates and Iran.  The principal Investigator of PURE study is Dr. Salim Yusuf who is Professor of Cardiology in the Mc Master University, an Indian and is one of the world leaders in public health cardiology.
For this study, which was initiated in 2003, HAP was able to successfully recruit 5650 subjects in the age group 35-70 years for a baseline assessment of physical, biochemical, mental and risk factor status which was completed 2007.  It was hoped that the subjects would be followed up for at least another 12 years to elucidate the factors most responsible for coronary, cerebra-vascular and other degenerative diseases.  The insight from the study would help us formulate appropriate preventive strategies including lifestyle modification. 
 The first round of follow-up, which  was initiated on December 2010, was completed during 2012. The round  completed 3 rural locations, namely, Thockad, Panayara and Palachira and completed during the year under review.  The data were entered using iData Fax version 4.0 and health cards were issued to the subjects
The second round of follow up(9 year foolow up) was started in 2012 and was completed in 2016. The third round of follow up (12 year follow up) was started in 2017 and was completed in 2018. The data were entered using iData Fax version 4.0 and health cards were issued to the subjects