Population Registry of Life Style Diseases (PROLIFE)
This study was an elaborate study undertaken by HAP andit was sponsored by the Kerala Research Programme on Local Level Development (KRPLLD) of the Centre for Develoment Studies, Trivandrum in 2001.  For this study HAP had adopted a large rural community with a population of 161,942 belonging to 7 Panchayats in a Community Development Block in Varkala.   The registry gathered information on births, deaths, major diseases, hospitalization and other significant health related events.  Details of birth, like age of mother, parity, nature of delivery, gender, weight of baby on birth and complications, if any, were collected.  Cause of death was verified through administering a validated verbal autopsy instrument.  More importantly, extensive socio-economic and demographic data on every household as on 1 March 2001 were gathered.  Comprehensive lifestyle characteristic questionnaires were administered to over 78,000 subjects who were 20 years or more of age on the cut off day.  The study established Kerala as the diabetes, heart disease,hypertension and obesity capitalof India.
The original ntention to conduct extensive follow up study every 5 years but so far this was not possible due to dearth of funds.  Possibility was being explored for raising funds for this purpose.