Objective of the Study:To estimate health risks from air pollution by measuring pollution levels in homes and personal breathing space of male and female participants .
Study Methods:The study was conducted in Ottoor panchayat in Varkala.
100 households and 40 individuals from both centres were recruited to achieve a sample size of 280
Devices used: Ultrasonic Personal Aerosol Sampler, Harness and arm band, Stand, Mobile phones and Cartridges 
For Households:The Air sampler was installed the kitchen for a time period of 48 hours at a distance of 1 metre from the source.The UPAS was activated and synced with the help of mobile phones.
For individuals:The device was attached to either arm or upper body with the help of armband and harness.The participants were instructed to keep the device with them for 48 hours.
Results:The air pollution levels detected in both individuals and households exceeded the interim target (35  µg/m3) by WHO in many cases
This was despite nearly 98% of the homes having good ventilation. 
Almost all households with high pollution levels were found to be using wood as their main fuel source.