PURE MIND is the sub study of PURE study. It is linked with PURE study; all the five centers in India involved in PURE study will be conducting the PURE MIND study. Aim of this study is to determine the prevalence and risk factors of covert stroke. 

Objectives of the Study-To determine the prevalence of covert cerebral ischemia in community-dwelling people in urban and rural settings in India, to determine the association between individual, societal and environmental factors and covert cerebral ischemia and to determine the association between covert cerebral ischemia (on MRI) and cognitive function, mood and activities of daily living.

Study Tools used to assess cognition:

Montreal cognitive assessment tool (MoCA),DSS,CESD,SAGE,TRAIL A & B Gait
Participants will undergo MRI Scanning.

50 participants each from rural and urban centers were recruited as samples