Non Communicable Disease Prevention and Training Unit ( NPTU)
India is moving its focus from control of communicable disease now to addressing the dual burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases. The state of Kerala, with great achievements in healthcare, is now facing a rising burden of non-communicable diseases. The state is making attempts to tackle this growing problem. Health Action by People has made significant contributions in the past to highlight the fact that we need to address non-communicable diseases and provided rich information on the epidemiology of non-communicable diseases in Kerala. Now HAP is moving towards activities in prevention of non-communicable diseases and training of health care professionals and public about these diseases. A non-communicable disease prevention and training unit (NPTU) is being set up, in partnership with St. John’s Research institute, Bangalore. Two subunits of the NPTU unit, already set up, will be addressing Chronic Respiratory Diseases and School Health. Other sub-units are being set up to address all other non-communicable diseases, including Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Stroke, Mental Health, etc.